domingo, 8 de agosto de 2010

First post

Hi all!

Today I'm starting this blog to talk about my experiences with Android development. I'm enjoying very much play with it.

My first project was userdictionaryupdater. (Yeah, I know the name isn't very good :)
This project is basically a helper utility to batch add words to your user dictionary. Instead of adding word by word, you can simply write all them in a text file and userdictionaryupdater will pick this file, read each word and add it to your user dictionary.

The main motivation for this project was that, at the time, I had a Motorola Milestone with Android 2.0 and it didn't have support for Portuguese language. So, tired of adding words by hand and willing to learn about Android development, I decided to start it. Later I found out there was a lot of people who wanted something like that.

My second and current project is called vampidroid.
I enjoy playing with my friends a card game called VTES: Vampire The Eternal Struggle. This game is around since 1994 and so, a lot of cards has been added and many had their text edited. When playing VTES, you have to use the latest text card version. So, sometimes, we had to access text card online to check it. Of course, as you would imagine, if we didn't have internet access, we would have to trust that either the text hasn't been edited or that someone knew the latest text and trust it was the correct text, or simply we stick with the text in the card even if it was incorrect.

With all that in mind, I thought it would be a nice idea to create an Android app for that. And so vampidroid was born. It is a very new project, but it already has a list of the cards for easy reference.

I already learned a lot about Android development with those two projects and I hope that sharing what I learn from them here would help more people to start playing with Android development.

Stay tuned.

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